But in a moment of troubling atonement, one could not stay clear of the notion of true liability with regard to being the first on the scene.  The likelihood of future acts of Good Samaritan is thus secured, but the foregone conclusion is there are many pitfalls that parallel this course of action.  Fight or flee comes to mind.  Do nothing come to mind.  But in ready defense:  act well with regard to others, as they may someday be prompted to act well with you.

What can be taken away from this tipped exposure is that some risk is assured.  I told you so will also be the plaintiff, but who are we to ignore the role of what defends a society, even when the rules of engagement are so capriciously opaque.  The rule of the day is to act, and act as best as we can in consideration of the circumstances.  The outcome is hotly awaited—as always.