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Urban Village






Thinking about this for a considerable amount of time, might one wonder about the effect of the urban village on the sanity of this small and tidy neighborhood. Would the appeal and the congestion caused by its popularity cause a deeper sort of inconvenience to the mindsets of those who pushed out here in the fringes of the city in the first place? One moves this far out of the mainstream of downtown to improve one’s sense of control: purposeful living exercised away from the denser population with a communal authority rather than a more centralized one; the task of balancing one’s needs for those goods and services against desire for quiet, tranquil and unhurried movements. What is the value of greater immediacy if the savings offered by time and space are not counterbalanced internally as well as externally. The availability of storefronts and eateries is a consequence of population. Demand to shore up the short falling of rural living prevails before something else is realized; we are once again too close too soon.

There is this ongoing confusion with the ‘have to have it all now’ mentality: confused, unproductive: and the prospect that it will be here soon enough if one shows patience. The order of the digital revolution caused one thing only: immediacy. Other gauges of life follow slowly as it has come to be expected: attitudes, beliefs and values of a society whether local or globally. The fact that we are now 800 milliseconds versus 8 seconds is still a measure of trivia with regard to what we eat, where we work and how we sleep.

Yet one still manages to find the time to walk to the center of the marketplace, turn slowly around venders selling bundles of flowers, inhaling their fragrances, and tasting the sweetness on one’s tongue in unhurried fashion. Here the possibility of time and space effectively used becomes paramount to life itself; this one is savored like slow cooking.

Walk for a moment one half arc—possibly no more than fifteen to twenty meters from where you begin. Become ever so prepared to gauge the impact of what one hears and feels—those perceptions and sensations now satisfied—through the immersion of self into the business of these others. The streets are still slick and reflective from the most recent showers. The afternoon has colors and shades so different, along with the artificial lights of the active, bustling marketplace. There is a sense of readiness in the preparation of the mind for the continuation of what one is drawn to and what one wants to take and hold for a longer time thereafter. This thing lingers. Continue to walk an extra six steps and envision what it is; this is a combination of extension and possibility. If done well enough it can be maintained just long enough. One stays engaged.

If there is a solution for immediacy for goods and services as well as tranquility, one’s environment is difficult at best. One might add that the prospects are as troublesome as what is made and sourced locally versus reliance on what comes to us from overseas. When one wants what one wants in the here and now and at the same time economically, there is bound to be conflict. What are your thresholds? Can you possible accommodate a thing which is longer to obtain in itself with the requirement of what must be sustained? If one can build production near the fringes of the city where you are dwelling, can you ever tolerate that in your own time and space? There is a distinct difference between what one wants and what one needs, after all. What will one choose?

The market place where one frequents is one of locality. Is the absence of the exotic that important in the meantime for the sake of conversation; considering this new protocol? Look once again at this flower stand: the beauty, luster and the mix of things so pretty and fragrant: constructed at the center of a large market place. Float this for another moment, and compare and contrast this if you will to the center of the city, or elsewhere more rural as an urban village. There is this new prospect: this scheme does not meet with the approval of the local citizenry. In spite of reason nothing at all is succeeded. It is at a standstill. It is still encouraging in spite of the fact that it has no foundation to exist on.

That foundation after all consideration: dirt and gravel necessary for any forward movement. Are they rare earth elements? Are they yours or someone else’s to move on? We continue to burst at the seams: localization, regionalization and globalization. What causes growth but demand—desire and need—a progressing society. This is an extraordinary matter which warrants turning around just one more time and having a conversation with one’s self –autonomy. Think of where these flowers grow and how they arrived today to appreciate.

Shall one be impressed enough to ask out loud: “Is there any other way to get to self actualization? When did natural wealth diminish to the mocking reflection of a bounty of things we never required before? We will need to force our way out of the path of these obstacles for life lived well enough. In spite of what we hear in contradiction, there is always a better solution.”