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Image One

Image Eleven

Something is Coming

There is something south of this line of sight, we find, wholly capable of sustaining the full contemplation of the visually inclined. This is not to dwell on the redundant powers that distinguish one region of a picture from the other; by simplicity we can find magnificence in its current state. The peculiar powers of those regions of a darker nature are not set as magic; there is awestruck; something which is present and enlightening at the same time. The principle is what seems to reign in the white recesses of this depiction are not a limitation.

As an individual appropriates and views this casually as anything less than divine, that viewer exercises a kind of fertility which enables what lives within to come out impervious to strangeness. Every pretty picture is surrounded by other barriers that may isolate it from success: underwhelmed, untested and not carried through at all. Its inherent capacity as a constituent part is never enough to make it whole.

If the whole regions of these pictures are looked upon too empirically they become more inaccessible in ratio to the frequency of views. This becomes inadvertently that which hangs over the scenario as a darkening cloud; ultimately to a less broadened world view.

What good are these depictions if they do not remain a mystery?