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Dignity of Dance

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The dignity of dance: that I owe it to myself to develop an even more open mind to take in the delights of others in a natural way. Watching accounts for most of my pleasure; First Nation people entertain us with the arts about the simplest life: animals, water, air, rock formations, and a reminder that the process of communing with life is around us. Compare and contrast; everything is in the open air unlike the enclosed theatres I am used to attending; account for the joy of the field, though dusty from dancer’s feet, always remains fresh.

This is the intensity of an earlier way life.

But compare and contrast again; I can explain that process by which they tell us their story; my eyes are filled by the images on a flat panel display. These insights are further witnessed by others who do not attend first hand, but rather experiential via this blog. Many happy returns to all either way; we get to where we are attending.

Never say that the virtual world is not as interesting as the physical one. They both move some way. Someone will argue one is the cause and the other is the effect. It depends on how one brings things to the surface. I witnessed this curious dancing live and in real time, though I replay it at times from another kind of archival storage. Take it from the mind to the screen; this is my happy medium again.