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This vacation was born from thinking that I needed a refresher. It matters if I remain static to the conditions I encounter. A timely walk on a beach right before sunset brings par to a day where benefit is easier than before.

My encounter with a solo person on the beach was fortunate too. This is how I know that the natural and the virtual world retain intramural. Most of my thoughts were on a tourist’s perspective of the scene, now I can see it from a local’s point of view. My eyes and my mind bump into people who appreciate.

To dream is to customize reality; day follows night and not the other way around. Suddenly I add fragrance and the sound of a classical guitar to grace this quiet; then I move on.

Dreaming is a delivering of another’s landscape—suddenly it is living after sleeping and now being awake. If the body mind and soul can make this dynamic, who am I to complain with the results?