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This is a window to someone’s view—a subject on which another could enjoy speculating. Views happen; this happens to be a view of consequence and now experience; a theme that is split somehow.

There is nothing that comes to mind with regard to ‘no trespassing’ from this field of view. In fact it engages and then allows someone else to climb through to see what could be ventured getting to the other side. Go through it and do not be withdrawn by the next purview: is this inside or out: ordering one toward or away. Crawl through with dignity.

I do particularly well when it comes to windows—no poet can avoid this forever—a chance of taking odds versus falling back to the mundane. Any poem well thought out stands as a flight through fancy when mounted through and through. Just do so quietly and steal away seeing and then feeling what is on the other side of perspective wrapped around sensation. Take that oath, will you.

My patience has run out and I am already through following the light, standing in the shadows, scaling this platform easily enough to say that I am done.

I have satisfied a whim and now I shall enjoy this new panorama and eat lunch and drink at least one half of a bottle of crisp and refreshing white wine. This is my solemn oath to stay as drunk with pleasure while I do so—not so just in the interim.