The stage is mostly dark.  There is one source of light from the left side of a partition which is shaped like a three-quarter-sized door.  The painted door is a medium blue against a crimson red background, and it is elevated at its base.  The stationary door is several yards from the edge of a building.  At the moment there is a person pacing in and out of the cast shadow in and around the door and to the left of the building.  The person has one hand up at head level as the sectional stage lights come up ever so slightly and the once shadowed shapes uniformly reveal more detail.  The details of the mid and far right of the stage are left deliberately darkened. 

Welcome to the IVE Playhouse called BhamAMP. These are transmedia narratives with intensity.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Bham Amp said:

    Multi-screen productions coming next.

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